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Saturday, Persian date Tir 17 1396,,fa,Khbranlayn, in the system with the help of Lisnr developed for audio data to be transmitted ultrasonic devices,,fa | ۰۰:۴۱ ق٫ظ
Burlington hacking tests on nuclear facilities in Kansas,,fa,Nvqayy latest Andrvydyha 11.5 percent after 10 months / Android 8.0 to the latest Sony,,fa
According to Khabar Online, a new report by the Department of Homeland Security of America and the FBI shows from May onwards nuclear facilities and factories of America under attack by hackers for invasion test has been most notably the failed attempt against nuclear facilities in Burlington, Kansas was Is,fa. Apparently, the company's computer systems,,fa,According to Khabar Online, a new report by the Department of Homeland Security,,fa,America and the FBI shows from May onwards nuclear facilities and factories,,fa […]

به گزارش خبرآنلاین، گزارش جدید وزارت امنیت داخله
آمریکا و اف بی آی نشان می‌دهد از ماه می بدین سو تاسیسات هسته‌ای و برخی کارخانه‌های
America is under attack for hackers invasion test,,fa,Is the most important of which failed attempt against nuclear facilities in Burlington, Kansas,,fa,Apparently the computer systems company Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation,,,fa
قرار گرفته است که مهم‌ترین آن تلاش ناموفق علیه تاسیسات هسته ای در برلینگتون کانزاس
بوده است.

ظاهرا سیستمهای رایانه‌ای کمپانی Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation،
Responsible for the production of fuel for nuclear power plant near Burlington was the main target of hackers,,fa,The second level of alarm after the incident, and authorities have defined,,fa,Talk about stealing sensitive information from other industries,,fa
است و مقامات سطح دوم هشدار را پس از این حادثه تعریف کرده‌اند.

بحث در مورد سرقت اطلاعات حساس صنعتی از سایر
Companies Packers have not been released to the hacker test on companies operating systems,,fa,The victim was,,fa,It is possible, experts say hackers to attack,,fa
قربانی انجام گرفته است.

ممکن است به گفته کارشناسان هکرها برای حملات
Future plans and obtained sensitive information, but government officials confirmed,,fa,It has refused,,fa,"Kelly," a spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of America and,,fa
این موضوع خودداری کرده‌اند.

«جان کلی» سخنگوی سازمان انرژی هسته‌ای آمریکا و
Responsible for 99 percent of energy generated from nuclear plants in this country says no warning,,fa,Cyber ​​attacks have been reported and public safety is not compromised,,fa,Write Resumeparser complex working on Microsoft Word,,fa
حمله سایبری گزارش نشده و امنیت عمومی به خطر نیفتاده است.

نوشتن رزومه‌های پیچیده کاری روی مایکروسافت ورد
And senior engineers write for facilities and open files and infect a compromised system,,fa,But the things that the hackers did not reveal the identity of the hackers, because,,fa
از کارهایی است که این هکرها انجام داده‌اند اما هویت هکرها معلوم نشده، چراکه
Sophisticated software tools have been difficult to trace them,,fa,I wish,,fa,Details Master Plan implemented by the Ministry of Communications Internet of Things,,fa.


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