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یکشنبه ۱۲ بهمن ۱۳۹۳ | ۱۰:۱۰ ق٫ظ
The new action WhatsApp:
استفاده از پیام رسان واتس‌اپ هم روی رایانه میسر شد
Users can go to the link WhatsApp WhatsApp, and put your phone in front of the computer to get the code to get the web version of your desktop to laptop and connected applications and the keyboard to type in use.

The 700 million active users WhatsApp can go to the link Chrome browser, and put your phone in front of the computer to get the code by going to Menu > WhatsApp Web-enabled version of the web and via a laptop and a desktop computer connected to the program and your computer keyboard to make typing.

۰۱ WhatsApp_QR_code

To do this, first, be sure you have installed the latest version of WhatsApp on your phone, then enter your WhatsApp. Icon or menu (More) Select and choose the option WhatsApp Web, now on Web WhatsApp یا In its Chrome browser (In computer) بروید. در وب سایت برنامه کد QR به شما نشان داده می شود که باید از طریق اپلیکیشن واتس اپ که اکنون برای شما باز شده آن را اسکن کرده تا در دسکتاپ به اکانت خود بدون هیچ پسوردی وارد شوید.

۰۲ How To Use WhatsApp From The Desktop

Immediately after scanning the barcode and enter the account, user interface, as shown below is placed at your disposal, such as the web interface application WhatsApp, Viber is the computer. To send a file, you can use the file attachment icon.

۰۳ whatsapp_web

Before scanning a barcode, you have the option of having checked up every time you do not need to enter. WhatsApp lets you edit your profile on the web with the desktop notifications. Of course these messages can be read and answered Chrome and interesting that you send or receive messages encoded for security.

To use this feature for now, consider the following::

۱- Currently, the iPhone does not support Apple users can not use it.

۲- Must be connected to the Internet and the mobile web version works by connecting to it.

۳- Currently, only Chrome may use web WhatsApp.

۴- Users can block and be blocked.

۵- Group can not be created on a computer or from an outside group.

WhatsApp for both SIM cards at the same time an Italian company and says you can pay 10 euros a year in 150 countries for unlimited free text messages sent and received.

The Italian company Zero Mobile / Zeromobile SIM as offering a user to pay 10 euros a year can have free SMS in connection with 150 countries.

Manuel Zanla Vatsym manager for photo and video user says so defined must be paid separately, but the SIM card in each country where travel can send and receive SMS free or by paying 5 euros more than 50 photographs and 10 video post.

Facebook on your biggest investment, the company has purchased Pyamkrsany WhatsApp to $ 19 billion, WhatsApp around Jhanbysh of 700 million users, and especially between those who want to send Free SMS is so popular.

Ben Bajaryn of Creative Strategies, a consulting services firm believes WhatsApp on the way to a billion users and grow "much faster than Facebook."

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