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اسپیکر هوشمند تی‌مال جی‌نی ساخت علی بابا در رقابت با آمازون اکو
Khbranlayn, Alibaba in China such as Amazon in the US and market entry speakers competitive intelligence for Western products in China such as Amazon ecosystem, "Google Home" and "Home iPod" Apple's difficult, because the power of understanding the native language of above the rest,fa. Ginny Tymal same cylinder design, such as Amazon Echo,,fa,Khbranlayn, Alibaba in China, such as,,fa,Amazon in the US and by entering the market for the products competitive intelligence speakers,,fa […]

به گزارش خبرآنلاین، علی بابا در چین مانند
آمازون در آمریکاست و با ورود به بازار اسپیکرهای هوشمند رقابت را برای محصولات
Western China such as Amazon ecosystem, "Google Home" and "Home iPod" Apple is hard, because power,,fa,Native language understanding it above the rest,,fa,Ginny Tymal same cylinder design, such as the Amazon,,fa
فهم زبان بومی آن بالاتر از بقیه است.

طراحی سیلندر مانندِ تی‌مال جی‌نی مشابه آمازون
Echo is by installing LED lamps, activated digital assistant shows,,fa,AliGenie voice assistant technology with a wide range,,fa.

فناوری دستیار صوتی AliGenie با رنج وسیعی
Chinese voice commands on the speaker Alibaba's Tmall Genie defined and tell the Chinese language can be the active,,fa,Chinese speakers can be defined as purchase orders and systems that can,,fa
اسپیکر به زبان چینی می توان دستور خرید داد و سیستم طوری تعریف شده که می تواند
Order online only at the user's voice to do,,fa,The smart home devices and can be controlled by the state,,fa,Weather, news and listen to the music information obtained,,fa.

همچنین ابزار هوشمند خانگی از طریق آن کنترل شده و می‌توان از وضعیت
آب و هوا، اخبار و گوش دادن به موسیقی اطلاع حاصل کرد.

The price is set at $ 73 and sold in the Chinese market,,fa,Study,,fa.


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