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Indirect reference budget of 95:
254 billion dollar revenues from the Internet
Amounted to 254 billion USD in budget revenues next year as the exclusive import and distribution of broadband communications infrastructure, the host country is considered, it is considered.

The government budget for next year that the financial document is an Appendix in two parts and the transfer of capital assets and financial income, the figure of 254 billion 73 million 800 thousand dollars for the enterprise communications infrastructure is intended.

Telecommunication Infrastructure Company as the sole trustee of telecommunication networks and broker the policies of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in the communications sector.

The state-owned company, according to law enforcement as well as exclusive import and distribution of broadband Internet in the country and the fact that the large income from these businesses one of the few special attention of the Ministry of Communication and the government is subsidiaries.

However, in the current budget bill is not intended for the company and only the figure of 20 billion dollars is considered as infrastructure construction budget.

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