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Monday, Persian date Mehr 10 1396,,fa,Korean company a few days before the arrival of the Galaxy S 8 do and users German, French, English and Italian are new Smartphones,,fa | ۱۷:۲۱ ب٫ظ
Log Cabins Greek government applications adventure online,,fa,Microsoft Andromeda,,fa
Khbranlayn, while users of these services have protested that government intervention will disrupt their commute,fa. Apparently the pressure Taksydaran Union intends to enforce traditional laws for taxis online startups which have been protests,,fa,Minister of Infrastructure,,fa. وزیر زیرساخت […]

According to Oscar, meanwhile Member,,fa,The use of this type of service have protested that government intervention impairs,,fa,They will commute,,fa
استفاده کننده از این نوع سرویس ها اعتراض کرده‌اند که دخالت دولت باعث اختلال در
رفت و آمد آنها می‌شود.

Apparently the pressure Taksydaran Union intends rules,,fa,Traditional online for taxis to enforce causing startups protest,,fa,Minister of Infrastructure Greece approved a bill setting,,fa
سنتی را برای تاکسی‌های آنلاین به اجرا بگذارد که این امر باعث اعتراض استارتاپ‌ها
شده است.

وزیر زیرساخت یونان تایید کرد لایحه تنظیم
Special provisions taxi online apps soon, but the offer executive,,fa,Details refused,,fa
جزییات آن خودداری کرد.

Online Taxibeat Uber taxi in Greece is now more popular than 30 thousand customers signed a petition demanding applications,,fa,The government does not create restrictions on the use of these services.,,fa
تا دولت محدودیت در استفاده از این سرویس‌ها ایجاد نکند.

Apparently, the government is under pressure from the traditional Taksydaran,,fa,Has been and is to map three-year contract with the taxi drivers online,,fa,Like traditional Taksydaran to sign,,fa
قرار گرفته است و قرار است نقشه قرارداد سه ساله با رانندگان تاکسی آنلاین به
مانند تاکسی‌داران سنتی به امضاء برسانند. Taxi drivers should tax online,,fa,Effects and to deal with them is like the traditional drivers,,fa,In 2011, the German company Daimler app Beat,,fa
عوارض بدهند و مانند رانندگان سنتی با آنها برخورد می‌شود.

در سال ۲۰۱۱ کمپانی آلمانی دایملر اپلیکیشن Beat را
Buy now with 1 million customers as the most popular online taxi and 8 thousand cars,,fa,Interestingly enough, Aubrey activities in Greece and the country's unpopular and,,fa
در یونان فعالیت می‌کند و نکته جالب اینکه اوبر در این کشور محبوبیت ندارد و از
The 50 thousand licenses have been issued for regular taxis and they compete with,,fa,Online drivers fear,,fa
رانندگان آنلاین هراس دارند.


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