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Friday, Persian date Ordibehesht 29 1396,fa | ۱۵:۳۹ ب٫ظ
۲۹.۱ میلیون آمریکایی هنوز خرید آنلاین نکرده‌اند / خرید ۱۴۰ میلیارد دلاری با موبایل
,fa. Statistics show that 60 percent of Americans resulting from the 2500 online shopping in the past two weeks with mobile,fa […]


Statistics show that 60 percent of Americans resulted in 2500 in the last two weeks have made an online purchase with your mobile phone,fa.

The total market value was $ 500 billion in America last year and Shapyng systems and electronic payments via mobile phones and tablets by this process has been very effective,fa.


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